Welcome to Slow Wardrobe

Slow Wardrobe is a space to share information with our community. A space designed to help you discover designers who are manufacturing locally. A space to discover local designers doing things a little differently.

Slow Wardrobe would like to introduce you to designers that cover a range of values, styles, sizes and budgets. We want to inspire you to change the way you shop and make it a little easier too.

Slow Wardrobe has evolved from Slow Sunday, a clothes swap event, and I anticipate it will continue to change and develop as we learn more about the fashion industry and our ways of consuming.

Changing behaviours can be tricky and take time and we want to do our bit to help you along. Shopping local and shopping second hand have become a part of our life as we aim to reduce our impact and my hope is that Slow Wardrobe can inspire you to make some changes too.

We are excited to have you with us. I hope you enjoy Slow Wardrobe. – Anna


Shop local, shop second hand, swap.