AURA Studios

Calm, Genuine, Quality, Design, Innovative

Ethically made. Locally made. Made to order. Minimal waste. Sustainable. Transparent.

AURA Studios is an exploration of shape and placement, through fashion and jewellery. We create quality, sustainable and timeless pieces.

AURA Studios is located and manufactured in Sydney, NSW.

Who makes your clothes?

The majority are made in the studio by Hannah or with a local maker in Sydney.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically Made: Made in the studio or close by with a local maker. This close relationship ensures pieces are ethically made.

Locally made: AURA Studios are proud to be locally made and support local companies.

Made to order: Allows us to keep waste low and respond clearly to demand.

Minimal waste: In all aspects of our business we aim to reduce waste whether that be through plastic, fabric or paper waste.

Sustainability: A large value that drives us to make a positive impact in the industry.

Transparent: We are open and genuine about the nature of the brand.

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Which particular fabrics do you use?

We use deadstock (fabrics that would have been wasted), we love giving a fabric a new life. We also incorporate cottons, linens, organic cottons and hemp.

Can you share some labels you admire?

Simétrie and Laura Keogh

Price guide:    $0 – 50 up to $300 – 500

Size guide:      Please refer to the AURA Studios size guide

Want to get in touch with AURA Studios: / AURA Studios – Design & fashion

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