Australian made ethical hemp underwear.

Ethically made. Locally made. Minimal waste. Transparent. Education.

Bohjo make timeless undergarments and clothing that connects us with nature and each other using the sacred hemp plant.

Bohjo is located in Wallabi Point and manufactured in Sydney NSW.

Who makes your clothes?

Stella is my pattern maker who works on design / tech with me & lives locally.
Lian is my machinist in Sydney who does bulk production from her home and with her small team – she has gardens I always love exploring when I go visit her.
Ari is the name of my cutter when I need larger quantities & more accurate cutting done.  He works for a range of Australian designers from his warehouse in Sydney.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically / Locally Made / Minimal waste / Transparent:
I wanted to start an ethical Australian made label with a focus on the humane treatment of garment workers & minimal waste throughout the production, packaging & distribution of the product. I believe the only way to truly know that your products are not contributing to any form of slavery or environmental destruction is to personally meet & become involved with the makers of your clothes with a focus on optimising the supply chain to reduce waste & become as transparent as possible. The only way to do this effectively is to keep most production local & small batch.

If you’re a designer and you don’t know the name of the person stitching your clothes together and haven’t personally met them, you’re doing it wrong.

Education: The point of bohjo isn’t just to provide a made-with-plants alternative to cheap underwear and apparel, I also want to educate people on why it matters to shop locally and why they should care in the first place. I want to empower people, both men & women, through regular blogging content that helps them make better choices everyday.

It starts with undies – if we can change the way we treat underwear, we can start to become more conscious of our unconscious habits that lead to overconsumption, bringing more awareness to our possessions and whether or not we actually need most of them. There is a lot of stagnant energy stored in soulless possessions, & reconnection with this energetic potential & the self is a huge part of this brand as I plan to grow past simply selling underwear.

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Which particular fabrics do you use?

Currently we use a hemp x organic cotton x elastane blend for the first range of underwear & will be introducing a hemp lyocell blend that has a similar composition & feel to bamboo but is much more durable.

Hemp, or cannabis sativa, is technically a ‘weed’ but has many benefits & unique qualities that start literally from the ground up.  A stable crop to grow, hemp can be used as a rotational crop for existing farms as it sequests carbon back into the soil & renews the soil it’s grown in.  It requires less water than bamboo & cotton to grow & needs little to no pesticides or chemicals to maintain & manufacture.  Hemp can help reduce deforestation of trees for wood pulp or paper, and can be innovated to become more water resistant or grow in harsher conditions, making it a superior crop from a production/utility standpoint.  Bees also love the plant! We plan to explore a whole range of hemp fabric blends for our apparel section so that we can show people the many applications hemp textiles have to offer such as its hypoallergenic qualities, breathability, durability, natural antibacterial/microbial & moisture wicking properties, UV & odour resistance & its use in fortifying or replacing any type of fabric blend currently on the market.

Apart from its versatile utility, hemp is a sacred plant that has co-evolved with us for thousands of years through spiritual & medicinal applications; so very significant to our evolution as a species.  I also just love the way it feels on & in my body, it’s soulful.

Any extra efforts you make at Bohjo that you can share?

We will be exploring plant dyed products more and offering those as they are completed. We’re working to try and incorporate our own grown plant dyes and utilise waste products such as avocado seeds and onion skins as a viable plant dye solution provided we can achieve the right colours without chemical intervention.

Can you share some labels you admire?

I love Hara the Label. I think Ally has done such an amazing job with how authentic her brand is and how great their products are, with the same ethos we have – local production, all under one roof. That is the dream!

Price guide:    $0 – 50

Size guide:       6 – 16

Want to get in touch with Bohjo: / [email protected]

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