Hats made by refugees in New Zealand.

Ethically made. Locally made. Minimal waste. Social enterprise.

Companion’s simple series of hats emerge from a thoughtful design practice, encouraging acts of care for the self, the environment & the other.

Companion is located and manufactured in New Zealand.

Who makes your hats?

Migrant & former refugee women.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically made: Our hats are created in small quantities with sustainable textiles by people we know personally who receive a living wage.

Locally made: Made in New Zealand and we are often sourcing recycled textiles locally.

Minimal waste: We prioritise the use of discarded textiles, supplemented with deadstock fabric. Other items such as cushions & bags are also created from the offcuts which we patch together to create a quilted outcome.

Social enterprise: Companion was formed from a desire to generate meaningful employment opportunities for migrants & former refugees.

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gallery image

Which particular fabrics do you use?

Vintage textile remnants, discarded clothing such as jeans & deadstock fabric – enough already exists!

Any extra efforts you make at Companion that you can share?

We regularly release an item other than hats (currently cushions) which we can create from a patchwork of the offcuts of our hats. Since moving to NZ our main machinist has become an active member of a migrant quilting group here. We love facilitating her use of these new skills while further reducing waste.

Can you share some labels you admire?

Kowtow, Patagonia, Marine Serre

Price guide:    $50 – 100 up to $100 – 200

Size guide:      Currently just one size but we will have a range for our next Spring Summer Collection.

Want to get in touch with Companion:

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