Done by Matea

Sustainable handmade shoes and earrings.

Ethically made. Locally made. Made to order. Minimal waste. Sustainable. Transparent.

Done by Matea create unique handmade shoes and accessories with quality craftsmanship and a mindful approach to aesthetics vs sustainable materials.

Done by Matea is located and manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia.

Who makes your clothes?

I do – Matea Gluscevic.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically made: Everything is made by me, from Australian suppliers. I try to make sure that everyone in my supply chain receives a normal Australian wage.

Locally made: I make everything myself in Adelaide.

Made to order: All footwear is made by me on a made to order basis. I make earrings in small batches based on demand.

Minimal waste: I keep all my scraps and will reuse leftovers to create new styles. Plus, being made to order means that I am only ever ordering materials for things that are being bought.

Sustainable: When I am selecting materials I use FSC certified sustainable timbers, deadstock leather (so I am not creating demand), and kangaroo leather (the most sustainable form of leather available). All of my packaging is recyclable or compostable. When I get things laser cut they are done with an Australian business that uses solar power for its machines.

Transparent: I provide material information on my product pages, as well as more detailed information regarding my materials and processes on my site on the Sustainability and Made to Order pages.

Vegan: On request I have vegan versions of several of my leather earrings. I can also make shoes with vegan materials on request.

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Which particular fabrics do you use?

When selecting materials I use bamboo, FSC certified sustainable timbers, deadstock leather, kangaroo leather,  and vegetable tanned leathers which use natural tannins as opposed to harsh chemicals. If I am using fabrics it will always be natural fibres, ideally organic cotton or linen.

Can you share some labels you admire?

Maison Martin Margiela, Jean Paul Gaultier, Rei Kawakubo.

Price guide:    $50 – 100 up to $500+

Size guide:     All footwear sizes in mens and womens.

Want to get in touch with Matea: / DONE by Matea | Facebook

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