Monster Alphabets

Sophisticated, playful, modern, mysterious, unique.

Ethically made. Locally made. Made to order. Minimal waste. Transparent.

Monster Alphabets is located and manufactured in Perth, Western Australia.

Who makes your clothes?

Me (Sarah), my sister and a work experience student.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically made: We believe happy staff produce better garments!

Locally made: We only manufacture in Perth, when we need extra help, we outsource to local machinists.

Made to Order: We only make very small production runs, when they sellout, we do made to orders for customers.

Minimal Waste: We never have excess stock, any offcuts are reused .

Transparent: We are transparent about who makes the clothes that the customers wear, we make the process transparent too, we share images of the process.

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gallery image

Which particular fabrics do you use?

Cottons, Linens, Silks, Viscose : they are the most comfortable fabrics to wear.

Any extra efforts you make at Monster Alphabets that you can share?

I have a side project, Monster Alphabets Dilemma which is all about repurposing Men’s business shirts into womenswear!

Can you share some labels you admire?

The Row

Price guide:    $200 – 300

Size guide:       6 – 14

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