Terra Dea

Classic, uncomplicated designs that make us look and feel our best.

Ethically made. Locally made. Made to order. Minimal waste. Sustainable. Transparent. Vegan.

Terra Dea make organic versatile loungewear.

Terra Dea is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Ethically made: Our garments are sewn and finished by Amy on the Sunshine Coast. Our fabric is made in Melbourne by fairly paid workers.

Locally Made: I visit my manufacturer regularly, she lives 45 minutes from me.

Made To order: Terra Dea do a pre-order to gauge what styles and sizes should be ordered from Amy to make sure there is minimal waste in sizes. We offer a made to order to anyone that requests a sold out size.

Minimal Waste: Our fabric is printed using a digital printing process which saves on water and ink. Amy, who does all our cutting, uses every little piece of fabric she can and we have saved the remaining scraps for an up and coming project.

Sustainable: A tough word for anything to do with fashion. We like to think of Terra Dea as sustainably conscious. We strive to only use organic fabrics and our tags are made from recycled cotton. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable. We still have a long way to go to be truly sustainable.

Transparent: We are 100% transparent, our supply chain is amazing and mostly Australian.

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Who makes your clothes?

Amy from the Little Wildings Creative.

Which particular fabrics do you use?

Organic Stretch Jersey – because it’s extra soft and extremely high quality and durable. We want our garments to last.

Price guide:    $50 – 100 up to $100 – 200

Size guide:     XS, S, M, L, XL

Want to get in touch with Terra Dea:

terradea.com.au@terradea_ / [email protected]

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