Loré Loré

Handmade Knitwear using Natural Fibres.

Ethically made. Locally made. Made to order. Minimal waste. Sustainable. Transparent.

Loré Loré is a knitwear brand built on the essence of what is handcrafted, small production exclusively utilizing locally sourced materials, truly bringing it back to the art of the craft.

Loré Loré is located and manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria.

Who makes your clothes?

Loré Loré is created by founder and Textile Designer Lorena Gonzalez in her Melbourne Knitting Studio. Each piece is carefully crafted taking particular attention to detail; from colour and yarn selection to garment design, production and finishing. Loré Loré Bags are cleverly hand knitted by her aunt Maritza during her leisure time as a form of therapeutic and creative practice. They come together to develop designs and find new organic fibres to work with.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Loré Loré prides itself for being an all-natural fibred product promoting the elite properties that they provide as well as the importance of healthy breathing skin. Predominately working with Australian merino wool, it coincides with sustainable environmental ethics instilled by Loré Loré. Wool is an all-natural, renewable fibre, which can be reused, repurposed and is 100% biodegradable, making it all round planet friendly. Garments are produced using hand crafted skills and vintage manual knitting machinery which does not require use of carbon energy. All Loré Loré products are made locally in Melbourne, materials sourced locally, and stock made in minimal quantities, overall the working practices of Loré Loré embraces the culture of slow fashion minimising a carbon footprint.

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Which particular fabrics do you use?

Loré Loré clothing collection consists of versatile fully fashioned garments made with Australian merino wool and soft cottons. Yarn is sourced from a small family run business that uses mill ends and redundant yarns from knitting and weaving mills around Melbourne, to rework them into products suitable for textile art. Wool is a totally natural product; it’s entirely renewable and sustainable. It is also 100% biodegradable, which is a very important feature concerning our environment. Loré Loré embraces slow fashion with all designs being versatile in style, durability and quality, making it a product to cherish for a lifetime.

Any extra efforts you make at Loré Loré that you can share?

When it comes to knitwear, its manufacturing process is quite different to cut and sew fashions. Loré Loré knit patterns are all unique. The process begins with a tension swatch (a small knitted sample) to gauge the sizing, the stretch and the drape of a piece that has yet to be knitted. Anything from the fibres, the weight of the yarn and even the dye can alter a calculated pattern, so there can be a bit of trial and error that occurs behind the scenes in developing a piece. Each piece is meticulously calculated to pattern, ensuring there is no cutting of the fabric, which establishes a higher quality finished garment. Each range is developed with an eclectic ensemble of colour and pattern inspired by vibrant contemporary culture and elegant form. Loré Loré is produced in small runs making them distinctly exclusive treasures.

Can you share some labels you admire?

Currently I’ve been admiring the amazing work of Bilboa – handmade clothing made in Byron Bay. It’s all about the fabrics for me, and their selection and design are spot on.
Moving away from fashion, but still in textiles I love the work that Nathalie from ‘Hands of a Maker’ has been doing, producing beautiful craft kits to inspire others to get crafting. She does everything from dying her own yarn to making the wooden frames for her works. Inspirational!

Price guide:    $50 – 100 up to $200 – 300

Size guide:      One Size- Loré Loré knitwear are all knitted to one standard size, unless stated otherwise.
The nature of the knit is that it will stretch to fit and will sit on each body type differently.

Want to get in touch with Lorena from Loré Loré:

loreloreknitwear.com@loreloreknitwear / Loré Loré – Home | Facebook

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