Magpie Goose

Wearable Aboriginal Art. Unique Australian Stories.

Ethically made. Locally made. Minimal waste. Social enterprise / charitable. Sustainable. Transparent. Vegan.

Magpie Goose creates new economic + creative opportunities for Aboriginal people around Australia; and provides a platform for people to connect, celebrate and learn from Aboriginal people, culture and stories.

Magpie Goose is located in Brisbane and manufactured in Sydney, NSW.

Who makes your clothes?

All our clothes are manufactured in Sydney.

Can you share a little more about your values?

Magpie Goose clothing is wearable Aboriginal art ethically made in Australia. Hand screen printed designs tell unique stories by Aboriginal artists from around Australia. As a social impact business, we create opportunities for Aboriginal people within all facets of the business – from textile design, photography, modelling, storytelling.

In March 2021 Magpie Goose transitioned to 100% Aboriginal ownership + leadership. Magpie Goose is reconciliation in action. As well as being a platform for Aboriginal artists to share culture and stories; it is a platform for people around Australia and the world to connect with and celebrate Aboriginal people, art and culture. We have a culture and practice of radical transparency, in communicating with our audience and sharing the true cost of Australian made fashion in partnership with (often remote) Aboriginal artists. Each metre of fabric is valuable; nothing goes to waste. Baby rompers are cut in between garment pattern pieces, and the fabric offcuts are sent to Second Stitch – a social enterprise that trains refugee and recently arrived migrant women in sewing and product development. Second Stitch continue to create a special collection of accessories from Magpie Goose offcuts.

Each piece is made to last; Magpie Goose is the opposite of fast fashion! We use only natural fibres, which are fabulous to wear, and biodegradable. Our items are posted out in compostable post bags; marketing material is recyclable; we use no plastic packaging.

gallery image
gallery image

Which particular fabrics do you use?

We use linen, cotton and silk.

Can you share some labels you admire?

Yevu, North, Liandra Swim, Milk and Thistle, Lois Hazel, Variety Hour, Ngali, Kuwaii, Deadly Denim

Price guide:    $50 – 100 up to $200 – 300

Size guide:       6 – 22 / Magpie Goose | Facebook / [email protected]

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